To provide a Labyrinth experience of contemplation and healing.

Now open for you to enjoy!


GeorgeCOver 25 years ago George Christie was a driving force behind the eventual establishment of the Collingwood Trails Network.   In 2006, George attended a seminar on labyrinths while at a trails convention in the US.  Fascinated by the idea, George began promoting the plan for a Collingwood Labyrinth in Harbourview Park near both the Collingwood Trail and the Georgian Trail.

This dream came closer to a reality in September 2013 when George helped found the Collingwood Labyrinth Committee. This volunteer committee was set up to raise the funds necessary for project completion through donations and sponsorship.

The project is complete.  The labyrinth has been built and is now open for use!


Site Plan

An 11-circuit Labyrinth design has been built in Harbourview Park just north of the Smart’s boiler. The Collingwood Labyrinth is made in the design of the 800 year old Chartres Cathedral in France and is fully accessible.

The Collingwood Labyrinth is a scenic extension to the Arboretum and provide a peaceful and relaxing experience for Collingwood residents and visitors alike.

It would be appreciated by all if bikes and skateboards were not used on the labyrinth and area so all can enjoy the peaceful reflection and damage can be eliminated.


Our Donors

A granite plaque to recognize our Luminary Donors will be unveiled at the Collingwood Labyrinth on Sunday June 19th.

This beautiful and peaceful site would happened because of three important factors:

  1. George’s vision
  2. The Town of Collingwood’s donation of the site
  3. Most important, it could never have been built without the generous donations of over $165,000.


In Memory of

Many donations have been made to the Collingwood Labyrinth In Honour of and/or In Memory of a friend or loved one.  The Luminary names are recognised on the granite plaque at the labyrinth.

All names are recognised on the Bottom of the page.   Names can be added to the scroll with a minimum donation of $20.   Tax receipts are issued by the Town of Collingwood.

Please see the Luminary Donors section for full details.


Benefits of a Labyrinth

Labyrinths are used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, recover balance in life, mediate, gain insight, self-reflect, reduce stress and discover innovation and celebration. Labyrinths are open to everyone as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for well-being. The practice of labyrinth walking integrates the body with the mind and the mind with the spirit.
-Cathy Smart, Our Homes Magazine Summer 2014

A Great Place For Residents & Visitors Alike

HarbourviewPark Your Labyrinth is located in a quiet area within Harbourview Park. It is on the Georgian and Collingwood Trails right near the Arboretum within close proximity to Georgian Bay, nature and the boardwalk.  If driving, turn North off First St (at the Beer Store) onto Hickory.   The parking lot is a few hundred meters away at the end of Hickory St.